From the very beginning, Wilcox has built a trusted reputation by dedicating and demonstrating commitment to you, our customers. Innovative by culture, critically focused on quality, every feature of our products is designed with you in mind. Constant communication, collaboration and direct interaction with you is what informs and drives every aspect of our Wilcox “systems of systems” approach to Warfighter and First Responder capability development.

As a proud ISO 9001:2015 certified company, our standards for quality are demonstrated every single day throughout the entire process from design, testing and verification, production, product launch and subsequent service support. No matter what the product material, size or complexity, the Wilcox commitment to quality and customer support never ends. The Wilcox brand remains synonymous for cutting-edge innovation and unsurpassed quality, while at the same time increasing the operational capability and providing a tactical discriminator that is simply without peer.

In 1993, we were awarded our first patent with the development of the first laser aiming device integrated into a handgun. In 1996, Wilcox responded to a call from the Special Operations Community in search of a solution to effectively mount night vision systems. Working closely with the operators, the three-hole shroud was born and a “systems approach” to night vision device mounting solutions was formally initiated. This continues today with our next generation Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG) and other mounting solutions. To date, Wilcox has been awarded over 83 patents with 69 pending. Wilcox has evolved into an agile, highly diversified global company offering over 260 products with a customer base in 28 countries worldwide.

Vertically enabled operations are implemented within our modern, 220,000 square foot engineering and manufacturing facility in Newington, New Hampshire, USA. With our state of the art design tools, advanced prototyping and fabricating test equipment, we can provide our customers with an unmatched responsiveness and quality without compromise. From a one piece helmet mount to a complex optic integrated fire control system, or life support system, no single part is addressed in isolation but is optimally designed and manufactured with both balance and focus on its inter-relationship to the overall role it plays in our “warfighter as a system” approach.

Whether operating in a remote distributed battlespace, or within a dense urban environment, the diverse needs of you, our customers, drives us to deliver the highest level of quality possible and motivates us to develop new, innovative products. Products designed to enhance operations and survivability, increase situational awareness, generate greater tempo and provide maximum lethality at the tactical edge.


Wilcox is committed to meeting Customer Requirements an increasing
Customer Satisfaction through Continual Improvement of its products,
Services, and the Quality Management System.

"Our Customer's Life Depends on It."
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