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Back in March as much of the world was trying to comprehend the gravity and severity of the pandemic, it quickly became clear to the leadership of Wilcox that swift action was necessary. It was paramount that we find a path that ensured the safety of our employees and their families while maintaining our operations as an essential business. There wasn’t a lot of room for error or a lot of time to enact a plan.

Besides instituting many of the work guidelines that are now commonplace, it was important that we orchestrate a plan to keep our infrastructure whole. There are some aspects of work that can be done remotely but manufacturing and supply chains simply do not have that luxury. At that time, the early data on COVID-19 suggested that it could transmit via surfaces. With that in mind, a strategy was quickly developed.

While researching options for keeping our facility safe and clean, we found a company that had developed a seemingly innovative product that had all the characteristics we were looking for. Better yet, that company had an office in our backyard of Portsmouth, NH. That company was FUZE Biotech and their product FUZE.

Their formula is applied as a light, water-based mist and permanently adheres to any material, product, or surface lasting for several months with no harmful effects on people or the environment. Unlike typical disinfectants like Clorox, this formula is not toxic. Within hours of this formula being applied to a surface it kills bacteria, mold, and microorganisms living on the surface. Toxic disease carrying bacteria will move up to 3 centimeters within 24 hours as it searches for food. On their search for food, they will come in contact with FUZE particles that will pierce their membrane shells and kill them.

On Wednesday, March 25th, Andrew Peterson, FUZE Biotech’s Chief Technical Officer sent his team from the Utah facility to spray our facility with the FUZE formula. The team was tremendously gracious and professional causing virtually no disruption to our operations. We kept our operations at 100% during the entire treatment period….and ever since.

Wilcox has a legacy of proud partnerships and it’s incredibly satisfying that during the toughest of times we could find a fantastic partner to help with the safety of our employees. Peace of mind is a rare commodity during periods of uncertainty especially when your tasks are essential…. you simply can’t let your foot off the proverbial gas. FUZE Biotech went above and beyond to help us as well as provide some peace of mind to the people and families of Wilcox.

Find out more about FUZE Biotech and their new, innovative product - Fuze.

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