Adaptive vision allows us to own the night. Without sensors and a stable platform to hold a night vision goggle in place, adverse conditions can develop, often compromising the very reason for its existence. The defense industry is complex. As a soldier you have many choices of equipment to buy. By understanding how each component interacts with the other, you can make an informed decision buying the right equipment for your operational needs. Broken down by components, illustrating the importance of how our component needs the other, for the system to be stable and functional. One component does not work without the other. Need something? Call us or visit our website. We are here to help before, during and after the sale.


Helmets are made by a variety of manufacturers. The performance of a helmet is tightly regulated by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). They are the evaluation agency for the US government to test the ballistic and impact characteristics of a productive helmet. For predictable performance invest in an NIJ tested helmet.


Without a secure fit of the helmet to the skull it would not support the weight and forces subjected to helmet in adverse military operations. Any suspension and liner design that allows the soldier to quickly adjust for optimal comfort and customized fit is essential in order to maintain stability. Making the helmet one with your skull is key to the overall stability needs for the system and is often overlooked.


The three hole shroud was invented by Wilcox. It was originally developed to accommodate all of the different types of helmets that existed in the 80’s and 90’s before the MICH program began in 2000. Bending the three ears of the shroud offered a universal platform for mounting devices to a helmet. It was only natural that once the US Government defined a standard four outer shell geometry that a secure low profile snag free design would follow. Our line is the most cost effective solution in the market place today. It is the foundation of our system.


Our engineering and precision manufacturing is how we are able to offer you a lifetime warranty on such a complex system. There are seven moving precision mechanism features in every mount. The confidence we have in our manufacturing process allows us to consistently produce products that will exceed your expectation with virtually no excess movement.


The operations between the shoe and the mount’s receiver is critical. The distinctive “click” that you hear, indicates that the shoe is firmly connected to the mount. Using shrouds and shoes made by other manufacturers will not assure the stability you would experience with our full system solutions.

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