The FUSION SYSTEM is a light weight integrated modular rifle forearm bringing critical electro optics and sensors together within our Bluetooth enabled network. Powered by one CR123 Battery, the Power Management Supply System is purposely placed at the optimized center of gravity for the weapon system, and contains a second Battery for immediate backup, This unique power management system energizes a reflex sight, red visible laser, NIR laser and fixed NIR illuminator, as well as a SureFire dual spectrum head with white and NIR light. The FUSION SYSTEM by design integrates commonly used weapon accessories into one modular system that can be adjusted on the fly and controlled ambidextrously.

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Features and Benefits

  • FUSION Reflex Sighting system
  • Red VIS laser
  • NIR fixed illuminator
  • NIR laser
  • Ballistic Trajectory Switch
  • Elevation/Windage adjustment (not visible)
  • Reflex/Laser/illuminator brightness control
  • OLED display with Shot Counter
  • FUSION Mode selector switch
  • SureFire┬« White/NIR dual spectrum light
  • Remote Light/Laser Activation Switch
  • Protective Grip inserts for heat mitigation
  • Battery Management Power Supply System
  • Flipmount Kit for NVG/thermal devices (sold separately)
  • 3X Magnifier and Flipmount (sold separately)
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