Vertically integrated, equipped and aligned across an extensive design, engineering and manufacturing framework with a unique and highly trained workforce of mission focused professionals, Wilcox Special Projects is able to provide complex solutions to the most urgent and demanding Government and Department of Defense customer requirements. In addition, Wilcox Special Projects is able to develop and field those enhanced capabilities within remarkably short periods of time, in supporting our national defense infrastructure and security of all customers with an urgent capability gap requiring complex and timely results.

At the leading edge of innovation, and always focused on improving our customer's lethality and survivability, Wilcox embraces a systems approach to each and every product we produce. Our critically focused concept to capability process is reinforced with a robust mechanical, electronic, optical and software design expertise and then further enabled with an unmatched manufacturing and rapid prototype development capability. Our robust testing and quality control framework has been specifically developed to ensure all details are rapidly and correctly aligned and all issues resolved when it comes to supporting the most demanding, time-sensitive, mission requirements. As a recognized leader in specialty equipment design and manufacture, our Wilcox Special Projects Group provides unique products as well as a unique value to our Government and DoD customers.

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