At the leading edge of innovation, and always focused on improving our customer's lethality and survivability, Wilcox embraces a "Systems Approach to Combat Operations" and has proudly teamed with Blueforce in developing and operationalizing the "Sensor to Shooter" Artificial Intelligence (SS-AI) Concept.

Integrating our robust line of Wilcox electro-optic combat systems and hybrid life support systems with the real time network created and linked by Blueforce, our combined resources bring highly scalable and dynamically integrated capabilities to the battlefield.

The high tempo requirements of today's operations dictate an ability to collapse decision space at all levels. Our systems approach leverages advanced sensors and rapid routing of real time actionable information, all critically focused to reinforce the warfighters situational awareness from the Command level out to the tactical edge.

This Operational View illustrates and reinforces the systems approach as the Warfighter and First Responders equipped with the Wilcox Fusion System observes a potential enemy threat, and quickly moves to orient on the target. Advanced electro-optics and sensors within the Fusion System enable rapid target acquisition and via system and Bluetooth networked interface, send an immediate alert to the Blueforce Tactical (BTAC) Mobile Command Center vehicle noting activity in real time with exact location alignment and target parameters.

The mobile Command Center immediately redirects an airborne sector drone to verify the potential threat and employing system cueing and correlation software, rapidly assess the situation to escalate or de-escalate the engagement response. The target images captured by both the drone camera and the Wilcox Fusion System (equipped with the CMOS camera system option hooked in via bluetooth) are transmitted within the BTAC network equipped with AI powered target classification and biometric identification software, providing a response back to the warfighter within 7 seconds. The BTAC Mobile Command Center confirms the target is hostile and directs the Warfighter and or First Responders to engage the target immediately, and further alerts all operators within the networked force of the escalated threat in sector.

Wilcox stands committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and capable Combat, Night Vision Mounting, and Life Support system solutions in the world, all within the "systems approach to combat operations" context and all focused to best enable the Digital Warfighter and First Responders of the Future.


Next Generation Capability

Our line of Combat Systems and Hybrid Life Support Systems are cutting edge networked platforms seamlessly integrated within the Blueforce Tactical (BTAC) technology suite and mobile Command Post Network, providing the next generation of capability today through rapid routing of real time actionable information, all critically focused to reinforce the warfighters situational awareness and enhance mission authority by extending the tactical edge.

The interface of these state of the art systems enables our Warfighters and First Responders to rapidly form networked confederations of operators, sensors, information services and weapon platforms.

With continuous Mobile Command Post autonomous monitoring in real time, all activity is brought together working in unison and displayed within the network to rapidly enhance the Commanders ability to make informed decisions in highly complex environments.

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