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Wilcox stands committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and capable life support system solutions in the world today, designed and developed with our “systems approach to combat operations” and focused to maximize the survivability of today’s Warfighter and First Responders. With our 20+ years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative, customer led product design, this evolution has enabled us to provide a comprehensive range of hybrid life support systems to adapt, respond, and predict the ever changing needs of our warfighter and first responders across the globe.

The Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 is the one and only fully certified Hybrid Life Support System on the world market today, reinforcing the “inclusive” systems process Wilcox conducts to develop an all in one holistic solution to respiratory protection. These actions enable the customer to adjust to conditions on the fly, minimizing equipment configuration actions and maximizing time on target and mission effectiveness.

The Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 gives you all the features you enjoy from the original PATRIOT. Developed for US Special Operations and fielded following 911, the system is dynamic and has the ability to change between breathing configurations with the turn of a dial, no additional fittings or part changes required. In addition to these features the Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 offers state of the art monitoring capabilities and the largest bottle size on the market which enables the user to stay on target longer. Historically, operators would need more than one system and several sets of fittings and other equipment to achieve the four breathing configurations offered by the Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 Life Support System.

From urban, large structure rescue CONOPS to CBRN and follow on Subterranean CONOPS, today’s real world contingencies require maximum flexibility and the critical interface of network centric operations as well as an ability to fully understand where our critical assets are located within the area of responsibility. The dynamic capability options of the Hybrid Patriot 5510 are further enabled with the system interface mission software from Blueforce Development. Together they provide solutions to meet any mission profile with command and control insight, greater equipment capacity, enhanced situational awareness enabling the customer to make superior decisions, increase operational tempo, and enhance overall survivability. The Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 continues to serve without peer in CBRN protection.



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