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Wilcox is the pioneer in the field of night vision mounting technology and headborne solutions. We are proud to offer you full system solutions that are known for the quality, ruggedness and durability that will withstand the most grueling mission requirements. If you use a Wilcox shoe, shroud and NVG mount from our night vision mounting systems line, we provide a rock solid mounting system that virtually eliminates wobble.

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Wilcox fuses together the latest in advanced optics, networking and artificial intelligence to produce the most capable combat systems for today’s military and law enforcement personnel worldwide. Our leading edge laser systems and superior aiming and fire controls are easy to use, compact, balanced and built to withstand the most grueling weather and combat conditions.

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Wilcox stands committed to providing our customers with the most advanced life support system solutions in the world today, designed and developed to maximize the survivability of today’s warfighter. Our innovative product design and evolution has enabled our range of hybrid life support systems to adapt, respond, and predict the ever changing needs of our end users across the globe.

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Our quality management system is certified by TUV USA to ISO 9001:2015