The BOSS Xe [Ballistically Optimized Sighting System – Enhanced] is the culmination of  leading-edge development and advancements in technology driven by operator feedback. The result is a compact, ergonomic, laser aiming-sighting system that is ideal for short barrel weapon platforms with the ability to change from one preset impact point to another on the fly. The BOSS Xe has a unique optical bench that achieves the highest standard of performance while giving the operator tremendous tactical flexibility. 


The BOSS Xe provides a full package optical bench (IR aiming laser, IR illuminator, VIS laser, IR Room illuminator, Reflex Sign & Iron Sight). An Above-the-Rail IR Room illuminator improves target visibility and provides proper IR lighting for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) offering non-blooming with a very wide angle. Wilcox has positioned the room illuminator function into the “bottom” of the IR illuminator steps, keeping similar functions together. This allows for easy, fast transition for “far” illumination to “close” illumination giving operators flexibility while illuminating areas and potential targets at different ranges. 

Light quality is always a discriminating factor in operator reaction time. By advancing and pushing the capabilities of VCSEL laser technology, the BOSS Xe provides the operator with a true advantage over other sighting systems. Achieving this high level of beam clarity improves both situational awareness and on-the-move reaction time allowing for optimal target identification and engagement. 


The BOSS Xe allows the operator to utilize the integrated trajectory selection switch to be used during supersonic and subsonic ammunition changes for example, while also allowing for two separate point-of-aim, point-of-impact, when being used with different calibers all without the need of re-zeroing. This capability provides the operator ultimate control of their sound signature per mission parameters when using both super and subsonic ammunition. The ability to have two zeros allows the operator to maintain accuracy while shooting, thus making them more lethal [more rounds on target] and able to conserve ammunition [fewer rounds needed to neutralize targets]. The Red Dot reticle selection for preferred target picture, with on-the-fly adjustable brightness, allows operators to set it to their preference including night vision compatible levels and reduce their light emission. The BOSS Xe gives the operator full control to personalize their signature and meet mission requirements. 

To learn more about the BOSS Xe, watch the BOSS Xe Capabilities Video or visit our BOSS Xe product page