NEWINGTON, NH USA – On 27 February 2024, the German Special Forces awarded Wilcox Industries Corp. a contract to supply the Micro Range Finder – Enhanced (MRF Xe™). This contract is the result of a multi-year competitive selection process.  The MRF Xe™ system is Wilcox’s next generation fire control system is engineered with uncompromising performance in mind, the MRF Xe™ provides the end user with extremely accurate ballistic solutions, increased situational awareness in any environment, housed in a very small lightweight form factor.    

The contract will be performed by Wilcox in partnership with its German representative and partner IEA Mil-Optics GmbH located in Nagold, Germany, that received the demand to supply laser range finding devices for an array of long-range weapon systems. IEA Mil-Optics will be responsible for managing the supply of the MRF Xe™ to the Bundeswehr for the duration of the contract. The MRF Xe™ will be manufactured at Wilcox’s facility in Newington, NH USA.

In response to the contract award, James Teetzel, CEO of Wilcox stated, “We are very honored and pleased to learn of the good news that Wilcox was down selected as the global partner to the German Special Forces and IEA Mil-Optics GmbH supplying the MRF Xe system. Our unwavering commitment to support the warfighter and safeguarding their wellbeing is utmost priority.”

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