NEWINGTON, NH USA – On 27 February 2024, the German Special Forces awarded Wilcox Industries Corp. a contract to supply Rapid Acquisition Aiming Module – Grenadier Sighting System (RAAM-GSS™). This contract is the result of a multi-year competitive selection process.  The RAAM-GSS™ system is a customized version of the US Army’s “Program of Record” Grenadier Sighting System (GSS).  The technical foundation of the Wilcox line of grenadier sighting systems products is based on over a decade of rigorous design and development work in cooperation with the US Army.    

The contract will be performed by Wilcox in partnership with its German representative and partner IEA Mil-Optics GmbH located in Nagold, Germany, that received the demand for supply of the aiming devices for the 40 mm grenade launcher.  IEA Mil-Optics will be responsible for managing the supply of the fire control units and laser rangefinders to the Bundeswehr for the duration of the contract. The RAAM-GSS™ (pictured below) will be manufactured at Wilcox’s facility in Newington, NH USA.

In response to the contract award, James Teetzel, CEO of Wilcox stated, “We are very honored to learn of the good news that Wilcox was down selected as the global partner to the German Special Forces and IEA Mil-Optics GmbH supplying the RAAM GSS system. Our unwavering commitment to support the warfighter and safeguarding their wellbeing is utmost priority.”

A Brief History of the Design and Success of the Wilcox Grenadier Sighting System [GSS]

In 2012, Wilcox began the design and development of the US Army GSS day/night sighting system for the M320/M320A1 grenade launcher (GL).  After over a decade of design refinement, development, developmental, V&V testing, operational testing, lessons learned, continuous improvement, and ongoing production in conjunction with the US Army, the GSS was confirmed to simply be the most accurate, user friendly, forward upgradeable, and heavily tested day/night sight for the M320/M320A1 GL in the world.

That was just the beginning of the long-term commitment between Wilcox and the US Army to design and manufacture the utmost advanced 40mm sighting systems available.  Prototypes of the GSS then went through three years of further extensive development, testing and evaluation in a competitive contract environment.  At the end, in June 2019, the US Army chose to purchase tens of thousands of GSS units (NSN: 1010-01-686-8798) with Wilcox as a single production awardee.

Like the GSS, the RAAM-GSS™ has proven to increase hit probability by significantly enhancing daytime and nighttime grenadier accuracy, simultaneously decreasing target engagement time, and is gaining user acceptance.

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