The lens through which Wilcox views the world with every product it engineers focuses on a harmonious blend of functionality, unprecedented service life, and, most importantly, our concern for your safety. This is our bloodline! To address social and environmental issues in using our products, Wilcox employs the Disruptive Design Method to find creative design solutions.

Our determination for success can only be validated through witnessing our exhaustive design and development process, verified by millions of hours of rigorous operational use by our customers throughout the world.

Our professional pledge is always to message you when your safety may be at risk.

As the pioneer and quality standard of the 3-hole shroud, we must identify industry knockoffs making false claims you should be aware of. When weight reductions are offered, please ask yourself at what expense? Every product Wilcox offers has undergone extensive load and life cycle testing to ensure that the shroud does not degrade the helmet mount and vice versa, even when used in the most adverse environmental conditions.

Wilcox confidently stands by our convictions by warranting every shroud and helmet mount we manufacture for 5 years when used together as a system.

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