Tampa, FL – At the annual SOF Week, Jim Pettigrew, Vice President of Integrated Logistics Support, outlined Wilcox’s vision to support the unique operational needs of our customers. Recognizing the importance of the investment when purchasing Wilcox equipment, this new program is designed to reduce our customers overall life cycle costs and get the maximum return on their investment. Whether our customer is a part of an elite force, a conventional military unit, or law enforcement, our Wilcox team aims to provide an affordable full life cycle support package through flexible fixed pricing or cost-based Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) solutions.

Our specialized ILS24, and ILS36 are fixed priced support solutions that offer ILS support for up to 36 months, above the standard warranty. Our flexible ILS Plus solution will be a cost-based option that can be renewed yearly meeting the needs of our customer’s requirements. Our “Just-In-Time” ILS packages will be competitively priced and designed to meet specific customer needs. The final details of this program will be released before the end of this year.

In response to the announcement, James Teetzel, CEO, of Wilcox, stated, “We are very excited to offer this extended warranty program to our customers! With the limited budgets our customers contend with, it is our responsibility to be as creative as we can for our customers to get the most out of the funding, they have available, whether directly or indirectly. We need to always ensure their equipment is ready when needed now and in the future!”

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For more information on our ILS protection plans, visit www.wilcoxind.com/ILS.
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Headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, Wilcox is a proud ISO 9001:2015 certified company that has been growing strongly since it was founded in 1982. Wilcox’s standards for quality are demonstrated every day throughout the entire process from design, testing and verification, production, product launch and subsequent service support. The Wilcox brand remains synonymous with cutting-edge innovation and unsurpassed quality, and for increased operational capability, providing a tactical discriminator that is simply without peer.