NEWINGTON, NH – In early 2024, Wilcox delivered the Wilcox RAID Xe to the Dutch Armed Forces following its selection after several months of rigorous testing and verification throughout 2023. The contract, awarded in late 2023, encompassed a substantial quantity of the Wilcox RAID Xe compact and potent laser aiming device.

The Wilcox Ruggedized Aiming/Illumination Device – Enhanced, commonly referred to as the RAID Xe, stands out as one of the most compact laser aiming devices currently available in the market today. Equipped with several integrated features, such as a dedicated room illuminator and a customizable remote port compatible with a variety of remotes, the RAID Xe distinguishes itself from other competitors. The RAID Xe comes in black or coyote/black exterior housings, offering red or green visible lasers, along with remote pads tailored to meet the specific needs of end users. Employing VCSEL laser diode technology for sharp and clear illumination, the RAID Xe represents the pinnacle of advanced design, all contained within a housing the size of a business card and weighing under 360 grams.

The selection process and subsequent award were achieved through collaboration and support via our Master Distributor for the BENELUX and the Scandinavian Region, ARLE – Applied Research Laboratory Europe. Manufacturing of the RAID Xe unit (pictured below) will take place at Wilcox’s expanding headquarters facility in Newington, NH, USA.

In response to the award, James Teetzel, CEO, stated, “Wilcox is always listening to our customers. It is their collective guidance that has allowed Wilcox to design, develop, and now offer our next-generation RAID Xe laser module to their security forces. We are honored and privileged to provide meaningful equipment to protect the sovereignty of the Dutch Armed Forces and the country they protect.”

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