Optics in general are expected to properly function in an array of harsh conditions and hence must be robust enough to withstand severe environments and operate consistently over huge temperature ranges consistent with global operational requirements. Wilcox’s commitment to our customers allows us to rapidly innovate, design and prototype new advances in optics from concept to production. Our vertically integrated engineering model means we can make decisions that impact manufacturability early in the development cycle and our modular approach allows us to vet emerging optical technology at a very rapid rate.

Wilcox integrates our advanced design and manufacturing capabilities. Utilizing Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) has enabled Wilcox to create an advanced systems designed to provide our customers superior advantages:

  • Superior laser beam quality.
  • No beam ‘Speckles’ associated with dated laser technology.
  • Beam uniformity with no ‘Dead’ spots while in the NIR IR Modes. 
  • Enhanced beam clarity and distance allowing for the positive identification and engagement of potential targets during nightime operations.
  • The ability to adjust laser intensity on the move.
  • Shot or recoil counter built into sight to aid in maintenance and Meantime Between Failure [MBF] data points for both the weapon and the sight. This preventative maintenance feature allows for pre-mission checks to prevent active mission failures.
  • Reduced weight and overall sight profile.
  • Combination of all available sighting options in one weapon mounted fire control system maximizes Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C), reduces snag hazards, reduces batteries required, increases rail space.  

Our critical focus on continuous improvement and advanced development in Optics and Laser Technology have achieved the positive consequence of increased effectiveness and lethality of our Fire Control Systems, Laser Aiming Devices and FUSION line of products. Additional results of these investments allow you to identify and successfully engage targets at greater distances with higher confidence, increases your operator tempo, decreases vulnerability from enemy forces, provides reduced risk of friendly fire incidents and provides for a highly accurate first shot capability under the stressful and demanding conditions at the tactical edge.

Learn more about these advanced products on our Combat Systems page.