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Wilcox collaborates with Steyr to resolve long standing issues with the G36 assault rifle

The G36 assault rifle, manufactured by Heckler and Koch (HK) in Germany, has historically over-heated while utilizing the weapon in warm climates. A significant investment has been made by both the German and Spanish Governments fielding these G36 Rifles. The soldiers serving their respective countries developed muscle memory overtime utilizing the rifle when trained and deployed in conflicts, especially in Afghanistan.

The HK G36 rifles, when used excessively in high volumes of automatic fire, were causing barrel failure. Adding to problem, the G36 rifles were not fielded with an effective optics system or proper real estate to attach targeting lasers or illumination systems. Steyr, an Austrian based company developed a modification kit for the HK G36 rifle that eliminates the over-heating problem significantly improving the accuracy and reliability of the rifle. The Steyr G36 MOD Kit can be easily be installed on the rifle at the depot level.

Steyr also worked closely with Wilcox to develop a Fusion System for the HK G36 rifle which turns the old forearm into a light weight modular rifle forearm powered to manage a suite of lasers, Surefire duel die flashlight and a reflex sight. The reflex sight is designed to assist the soldier in shooting long distances when enhanced utilizing a modular 3X magnifier and when pivoted off angle used for close quarter battle. Also, the Fusion System features a round counter that ties back through the encrypted cell phone with Blueforce BTAC System.

The MOD Kit and the Fusion System are the ultimate fix for the G36 keeping the muscle memory the same while operating without adding a huge financial impact.

Download the Fusion System datasheet or visit the Fusion System product page to learn more

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