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With over 40 years of experience, the Wilcox Special Projects team has been providing innovative solutions to the most complex and demanding Government and Department of Defense customer requirements. Our state-of-the-art production facility in Newington, New Hampshire, allows for a single facility, vertically integrated approach that increases efficiency and repeatability, as well as sensitive Government and Department of Defense projects to be developed discretely.

Wilcox Industries’ deep history with Special Projects incorporates a “systems” approach, where there is an ingrained understanding that the Warfighter of today requires equipment that must integrate with other weapons, sensors, communications, or life support platforms. Wilcox is well poised to meet those demands, with a development history that includes a multitude of projects that were designed to enhance or adapt to other platforms, as well as a series of products that have become the industry standard themselves. Our standalone products are also designed to be modular and compatible with a suite of products whenever possible.


Many of the products that now make up Wilcox’s catalog started as rapidly developed Special Projects for the Department of Defense and government end users. Often arising from identified capability gaps, our products are rapidly designed and manufactured not only to fill capability gaps, but to become force multipliers.

With a company ethos of “Our Customer’s Life Depends on It” Wilcox Industries understands that zero-compromise solutions are required when addressing no-fail tasks. This mentality is carried through at every level of design, manufacturing, quality assurance, testing, and customer support, with a cadre of Veterans within all aspects of the company. This commitment provides context to the voice of the customer and ensures our products are meeting the demanding needs of Operators. These valued Wilcox employees aid in operation testing of the products to validate that the systems are solving customer pain points and can survive the rigors that operational use puts equipment through.

Wilcox’s wide scope and deep experience in designing and manufacturing government MIL-STD-810 products, as well as a third-party audited ISO 9001-2015 formal quality system, makes us willing and ready to engage in filling Government and Department of Defense customer requirements with our solutions. Contact us today with your most demanding and challenging requirements.


The history of the US Army’s Grenadier Sighting System (GSS) is a remarkable story that exemplifies a successful program collaboration between the US Army and the Wilcox Special Projects Team. The Wilcox Grenadier Sighting System day/night sighting system for the M320/M320A1 grenade launcher is the result of over a decade of design refinement, development, testing, continuous improvement, and ongoing production in conjunction with the US Army; it is simply the most accurate, user-friendly, forward-upgradeable day/night sight for the M320/M320A1 GL in the world.

Learn more about the Development of the Wilcox Grenadier Sighting System or download the GSS Case Study.

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