The BOSS Xe is the culmination of  leading-edge development and advancements in technology driven by operator feedback. The result is a compact, ergonomic, laser aiming-sighting system that is ideal for short barrel weapon platforms with the ability to change from one preset impact point to another on the fly.


The BOSS Xe unique windage and elevation adjustments allow operators to easily set zeroes for the entire optical bench with minimal adjustments, reducing the operator’s time spent zeroing. The BOSS Xe essentially provides operators with two devices worth of optics on one co-aligned optical bench, freeing up valuable rail space on short barrel weapon platforms.


Leveraging BTAC, developed with our partner Blueforce Technologies, the BOSS Xe’s onboard maintenance counter monitors rounds fired from the weapon and can share data in real-time. BTAC (BlueforceTACTICAL) is an extensible situational awareness mobile application that enables real-time monitoring of teams and fuses sensor data (attached or proximate sensors) to provide real-time location and sensor data sharing. The BOSS Xe’s Bluetooth capability allows for future customization to support networked combat operations.


Wilcox has extended the BOSS Xe’s capabilities with the ERGOTCO Xe Activation Keypad. This enhancement removes the need of the operator to memorize device switch positions by allowing user defined mapping of critical functions. The 3 control buttons on the pressure pad are ergonomically designed to allow for accurate button identification. The ambidextrous design allows attachment on either side of the weapon, including positioning in between the quad rails of rifle handguards. The ergonomic design and user defined button mapping functionality allow for identification of each button without looking at the control pad, providing a constant “heads up, eyes out” posture. Longer range engagements can be achieved with the Wilcox 3X Magnifier.


Military and law enforcement including special forces and SWAT require connectivity, personalization, and varying degrees of visibility to overcome unique challenges in combat environments that require maximum discretion. The BOSS Xe’s multi-function attributes are focused on providing operator’s flexibility and customization to minimize engagement times, optimal target acquisition and engagement, and overall mission success. 

To learn more about the BOSS Xe, watch the BOSS Xe Deep Dive or visit our BOSS Xe product page