BOSS Xe High Power


The Wilcox BOSS Xe, a class 3B high power laser aiming device, is an easy to use, small form factor sighting system designed specifically for the Military and LE markets. The BOSS Xe features a fully integrated, environmentally stable optical bench that houses a smart red dot/reflex sight, red or green visible laser, NIR laser, fixed NIR VCSEL illuminator, and iron sight all co-aligned with one another. An Above-the-Rail IR Room illuminator improves target visibility and provides proper IR lighting for close quarters battle. The unique windage and elevation adjustments allow operators to quickly and easily set one zero for the entire optical bench. User defined functions on the remote pressure pad allow for a “heads up, eye out” posture adding further customization options for the operator.

Also available, the BOSS Xe Low Power Sighting System.


  • Red dot reticle selection for preferred target picture with
    on-the-fly adjustable brightness

  • Smart reflex sight features built-in back up iron sight and
    a cant indicator if the weapon is off angle

  • Each elevation adjustor has full travel range for
    more zero setting flexibility

  • BTAC Enabled
  • NIR VCSEL illuminator and wide angle NIR Room
    illuminator project precise, speckle-free beams for
    extreme clarity and optimal target identification

  • Above rail Room illuminator for improved visibility

  • Multi-function buttons provide flexibility in programming custom options
  • Remote port accepts Wilcox line of ERGOCTO® Xe
    Activation Keypads and ERGOCTO Xe Control
    Grips (optional)

Our quality management system is certified by TUV USA to ISO 9001:2015