RAID Xe High Power


The Wilcox RAID Xe™ High Power is the culmination of years of operator feedback and leading-edge technical advancements. The result is a compact, ergonomic aiming and illumination device with a uniquely rich feature set that achieves the highest standard of optical performance.

Military and law enforcement operators face an array of unique challenges in low or no light environments where quick target acquisition and identification are required. The RAID Xe represents a complete, robust solution for any operator requiring a high degree of awareness, flexibility and accuracy to ensure mission success.

Also available, the RAID Xe Low Power Laser Aiming Device.


  • One optical bench houses a VIS laser, NIR laser, and NIR VCSEL Illuminator
  • Adjustable NIR VCSEL illuminator and wide angle NIR VCSEL Room illuminator project precise, speckle-free beams for extreme clarity and optimal combat identification
  • NIR room illuminator provides 40º flood capabilities
  • Optical bench is aligned to weapon by one windage and one elevation adjustment
  • Powered by one (1) CR123 3V battery
  • Multi-function keypads provide flexibility in programing custom options
  • Five (5) selectable pulse modes on VIS/NIR lasers settings
  • Remote port accepts Wilcox ERGOCTO Xe line of pressure pads and control grips
  • User interchangeable modular visor/laser safety cover
Our quality management system is certified by TUV USA to ISO 9001:2015